A group of adventurers are teamed up with a master explorer to recover artifacts from unknown places. How will they traverse treacherous lands to find these artifacts and what secrets will unfold? What are they willing to do to uncover the truth?

Ulfric, the half-orc barbarian, enters a portal guarded by Warforged in the Underdark. What realms will he discover on his journey? What even is he doing? Where’s the popcorn?

Something suspicious is happening in a harbor city – and a god who wants a threat removed calls some followers to rally a group of people and investigate. What do they find? Who do they trust?

A place of time travel, hidden knowledge, and secrets uncovered, The Society is there to help prevent disasters to the world of today, tomorrow, and yesterday. Maybe a group weird enough to join will be able to change the world – hopefully for the better.