Complete Rehaul of Website

Hey guys! I’m currently working on many different projects and I am pleased to tell you guys that EVERY single episode will be put on the website as a podcast, so watch out for all of that. Here are all the podcasts that I will currently and in the future, be updating.

  • Dumbass Demigods
  • The Dragon Party – (finished, but will be posting weekly)
  • Ulfric Letters
  • Harbor Mayhem

Organizing Some Stuff

Hey people! We are currently fixing a lot of broken files for our older campaign and might be adding new campaigns, but as of right now, we are trying to do three main things:

  • Reformat all audio files to .mp3
  • Make sure all the sessions are uploaded and the links work correctly
  • Organize the site to clearly distinguish different campaigns
  • Start advocating the “Dumbass Demigods” podcast on the website

Thank you for your support, and we will be updating the site very soon! Thank you for your patience.